So here we all go again…..the new season is upon us! For some though it will feel like they have never stopped what with early pre-season training and pre-season friendlies, the constant rugby treadmill just seems to keep going and going. So is the season too long? Does it put extra stress on the minds and bodies of the players who have to endure this? For the vast majority of grass roots players though this isn’t an issue, and it’s time to dig out the crusty old kit and pretend that the 10lb of extra weight gained over the off season will stand you in good stead against the “big lads” in the opposition! The “Weekend Warriors” are back with the perfect excuse to miss those endless Saturdays shopping with the Mrs or running the kids to and from mini Zumba or whatever faddy class they are all doing now! Bring on the next 8 months of blood, sweat and plenty of booze filled late nights down the club with your extended Family……bliss!!

Now with the new season there always seems to be New Laws. This season is no exception and we read with interest what shenanigans the scrum will now have look forward to. The scrum half putting the ball in slightly cock eyed? The number 8 being able to pick the ball out of the 2nd row feet?? And ANY of the front row players being able to strike for the ball with ANY foot??? These aren’t new laws at all cos we all know players who have been doing all of the above for donkeys years and getting away with it!! Is it making the Scrum more like Rugby League now and, if so, will the ruck be the next area of the game to suffer by being done away with altogether in favour of the “chicken scratch”??

We constantly hear so called Rugby experts bemoaning the fact that Rugby is now becoming more like Football every week/year. Really? Really?? We put our heads together in the office and I have to say we all struggled to remember the last £200 Million rugby player. Or the last player who went down like they had been hit by a sniper in the crowd when an opponent came near them for a tackle. Or who the last player was to run on the pitch kissing their ring(!), crossing themselves furiously and kneeling to offer up a prayer to the sporting Gods when they get on the pitch. Or who the last player was you could remember running around with their Alice band keeping the hair out of their eyes….oops sorry Danny Cipriani we will give you that one!! Anyway, next time you hear any of the experts making the comparison tell them to pop down to their local club and see how much like footy the real players and supporters actually are??

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